Looking for triggers in all the wrong places

Discussion created by Lisaml on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by elvan

it's truly amazing what sets me off.. salivating almost. Today, day 65 ish.. have been plugging along rather painlessly lately when BAM! I get hit with the blunt reminder that I'm not out of the woods yet! 

#1. Walgreens. Picking up a birthday card. Rather innocuous right? Well, until I'm at the cashier and become a Pavlovian puppy at the sight of the Marlboro behind her... 

I pay for my stuff and leave, sucking on a jolly rancher instead. BOY, that could have gone differently. 

#2. Bought some stuff this weekend and had the boxes to break down and take to the fire pit. Hadn't lit the fire pit up since last fall. Oh, my heavens did the smell of bonfire, smoke, crackling burning stuff take me back down a sensory memory lane. I was practically sitting on the log with a Marlboro in one hand and a... NOPE! I don't do that anymore!!!!

so, I took a DEEP breath, threw the  ball a few times for my dog, and really enjoyed the beautiful fresh air.... 


Pitfalls are everywhere. We will always be vulnerable and have to work hard to protect our quits. i heard your voices today at Walgreens and again at the firepit. Thank you for your wisdom!!! 

Quitting is easy. STAYING Quit is another story! 

It was crystal clear to me today that I will need to guard this quit with everything I've got!!!!