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Discussion created by sashadixon on Mar 7, 2018
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Hi all, 


          I am Sasha and I am a newbie to this discussion board (Are they still called that? Lol). I started Chantix on Feb 7th with a quit date of Valentine's Day (of all days!!!!) My fiance is also quitting along with me and it literally made us nuts trying not to smoke that first night (the 14th) so we ended up smoking 1 and a half cigarettes that day. It was extremely difficult for me to just suddenly stop so I reduced down to 3 or less over the next 6 days and had my last cigarette on February 20. I was actually very surprised that cutting all the way down from 20+ cigs a day to only 3 at the most was not all that difficult. Yes I do still have cravings, but I think of it more as triggers and not real cravings cause it seems to consistently happen around 3 pm everyday and that was never a time that I was able to smoke. And I'm not sure what the trigger is. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone out there has any advice for me or can steer me in the direction of anything that can help me on my journey!!! Thanks!!!!