Advice for how to lessen effects of healing.

Discussion created by ThePearlWolf on Mar 6, 2018
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Hi all,


I’m 10 days free!  This week, I’m at a business conference and the effects of quitting are unfortunately at their loudest. I’ve got a sinus infection, semi-stuffy nose, with eye swelling and ear pain and bloody nostrils, which is bad enough at a conference where you sit in tight quarters, quietly listening to the speakers, but I’ve also reached the constant throat clearing stage, which is unbearable in this environment. I know it’s from cilia regrowing and I know it can last for several months or just several weeks.  I’m seeking any advice anyone has to lessen the need to clear my throat, whether it’s congestion medicine, nasal sprays, throat spray, anything, even if it’s just a temporary solution. I’m affecting others abilities to enjoy the conference and unfortunately I need to attend each learning session, so I’m not sure how to help the situation or even if there is a way.