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Chewing a piece of 4 mg gum after no nicotine for  weeks ?

Question asked by Krispy1 on Mar 4, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007

Ok so I quit cold turkey Feb 12 th, 2018. I have been smoking a pack pluss for 25 years.

I had awful with drawl for 3 days. Headache, sick to stomachs, the chills. It was really awful and ridiculous at the same time. In the past year I have tried the patch, I could smoke with a 21 mg patch on..And chantex while it did help with the cravings, it made me an awful crazy person. I knew if I was ever going to quit it had to be cold turkey.. So I did it. I have been almost 3 weeks with no nicotine. Today I was emotionally pushed to my limit . I ended up digging through my cupboard and found 4 mg nicotine gum, rather then resorting to physical  violence. I know that sounds awful, but honestly I was dealing with a mouthy 21 year old who knows everything is never wrong and is getting a loan to buy a house after working for a company for 6 mnths and makes 15 bucks an hour.What does one even say to that logic.. Any ways I chewed a 4mg gum for like 5 minutes. Now my brain is screaming for another peice..AM I going To Go  Through WITHDRAWAL all over again?