I Quit Today

Discussion created by missellen on Mar 4, 2018
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My name is Ellen and I'm 49 years old. I've smoked since I've been 17. I've stopped twice before, once for 9 months and once for 4 months. There have also been a number of times where I would put on a patch and go a couple of days without smoking.  


I am going cold turkey this time, as that was the method that "worked" on the previous two quits.  I've tried Chantix in the past, but it gave me suicidal thoughts and my dr. took me off of it--that was disappointing, because it really did kill the cravings, but what can you do?  I've tried the gum, lozenges, lasers and the patch, all with no success. So, I am back to cold turkey.


My husband (who doesn't smoke and never has) and I joined a gym in January and I've been going regularly--just walking the track, because anything else and I'd get winded.  This morning, after the last official smoke, I went directly to the gym and walked a brisk 3 miles and that felt really good.  I'm going again tomorrow morning and I'm hoping to work myself up to a jog here in the near future.


I'm armed with gum, good and plenty (not the best tool, but better than a cig!), cranberry juice and water with lemon.  I have my day planned--cooking, baking, reading, making a terrarium and I'm sure napping to get through the rough patches. 


I've been taking my blood pressure--which historically always been very low. It has started creeping up the last few months and I'm pretty confident cigarettes are to blame. In addition to the blood pressure, my heart races, my cholesterol is high (even though I'm a vegetarian) my sinuses are all jacked up, my throat hurts and in general, I feel pretty crappy. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks (have for years) and ironically, while smoking initially would calm me down, it ended up rebounding on me and making me MORE anxious. Goodness, I just reread all of that and I sound like a complete mess!    However, after smoking my last cig and going to the gym this morning, I took my BP again and it and my pulse rate both came down quite a bit.  That was nice to see. 


I need to be done, I want to be done. I'm thankful I found a place where I can type all this out when I need to.