I need help

Discussion created by Barb102 on Mar 3, 2018
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It’s day 45. I have been trying to encourage those newer to the quit than I am But now everything is going wrong like I’m being tested. Don’t know if I’m really strong enough any more. Yesterday and today I really can’t handle it   Everyone things I’m fine I should be over this. But it’s coming on hard. I’m crying and depressed and I really miss smoking even though it gave me COPD. But just a few right now seems to hard to pass up. Please help me. I’ve read everything it’s just not working. Only you kind elders understand and I ask for your help. I re-read NML it’s not helping. I know if I go out and just have one who am I kidding 5 I just don’t care Everything is going wrong in my life and I’m sorry but I really miss my evil one. I need help   Please help me