Any Gardeners out there?

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Mar 1, 2018
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Spring arrives in 19 days!!!!!!!


This is a nice group I would like to see take off. Its a magical thing to dig in the dirt and watch seeds develop into a thing of beauty. Just trying to stir some interest for this group. 


I am starting / rooting things inside now. A tad early yes, but some of the things I root stay inside to cut from for recipes.


Gardening is fun .....vegetables, flowers, trees...etc.... also a good 'finger busy' activity when your quitting smoking.


If your new at it start with rooting, so easy and fun for kids/grandkids to watch. If you go to the group called GARDENING LOVERS, you can see my last post /blog with some things I started 4 days ago and then a pic of them today!  Happy Almost Spring Everyone!