BIG Changes

Discussion created by AnnetteMM on Feb 24, 2018
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I sleep a lot.  I mean, I've always adored sleeping in late, but now that I've quit smoking I sleep a LOT. I can easily sleep 10 hours a night, and then take an afternoon nap besides. I never used to nap, ever.  But without nicotine, a stimulant, in my system, I get sleepier than before. It'll probably level off eventually.


I crave sugar. This is not good for anyone, but I'm also borderline diabetic so it could be problematic.  Again, this is something new for me. I was always more of a bread and butter person than a dessert eater.  Anyway, I keep Twizzlers on hand. The length of them and their chewiness seems to satisfy the beast and usually just one is enough.  Craving sugar is normal after being addicted to heroin and cocaine, so I assume that applies here, too.  Tell me if I'm wrong.


I think it's a good idea to pay attention to what's changing during this process.  What changes have YOU noticed?