Sickness while in the middle of smoking quitting

Discussion created by cyberjam8690 on Feb 25, 2018
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I've been smoking for 16 years and decided to quit. One day when family outing trip went over, on the way home i got sick due to intense cold weather on the beach. It's fever, cough and cold with body pain, i assumed it's flu. I tried smoking but it tasted so bad and made my breathing heavy due to cough so I took advantage of that to start quitting. After arriving home, i got through the flu in 2 to 3 days, but as soon as the cough subsides, sinusitis came up. I've been sick with this for a week. 


I searched around the net for natural treatment and home remedies i hope this could help. What Im doing now is steaming salt and sniffing the steam for like 30 minutes in the morning and the afternoon, preferably before bed time. The hot steam acts like a warm compress and the salt diaolved in it is a natural antibiotic. Its good for your face too. Our family friend says that this kind of treatment is effective coz she experienced it but it takes a lot of time to heal so you must do this everyday.


I cheated on quitting tho, I smoked 1 stick per day after the first day of sinus. But still, i believe the smoking habit is really improving for me. Imagine 1-3 packs  day turned to 1 stick a day. Im looking forward to completely quit smoking though. 


If you have anymore ideas on natural cures and home remedies for sinuses, please let me know. Going hospitalized or even checked up by doctors in our country is really hard to afford and my last resort.