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Smoked my last cig 15 min ago. For the past few days, I was so disgusted but kept going, inhaling this stench and breathing like a sick animal. The last few days also gave me this group, so I feel like a have a support group out there, pushing me forward, wishing for me to be free.

It's going to be a crazy week, I am traveling for work and going to be super stressed, and for some reason, I do not fear this challenge, I relish it. I want to be distracted and to be able to go through these days smoke-free. The NOPE and "they travel in packs" phrases are stuck with me, they made me laugh and I think they are so true, and so simple.

I am going to try and not be restless, instead, I will try to enjoy the essence of the coming moments, the conversations, the drinks, the work, without the distraction of having to go outside and feed the monster. I'm going to focus on kindness, listening, smiling, smelling GOOD, I'm going to exercise more, stretch more, stand on my head more. 

I am determined and plan to be grateful for every moment.

I hope the great sadness will not show up this time, and if it will, I will be here, sharing.

Thank you guys, for being here, and making me invincible (I hope).

I'm heading forward, cleaner and stronger.

Wish me luck.


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