Pulmonary Rehab

Discussion created by johio on Feb 24, 2018
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I finished my last session of pulmonary rehab. The rehab lasted a number of months and consisted of going in the rehab center, at the hospital up to three times a week for a couple of months. The rehab center included cardiac and pulmonary rehab. There was a number of exercise machines, free weights, an indoor track and a classroom. After every session we had a class taught by nurses, pulmonary techs, pharmacists, and a few misc. others. I learned a lot and was glad I went.


When I first went in, I was feeling sorry for myself as a spirometry test indicated that I was on the border of the worse stage of COPD.  When I got there about half the people there were on oxygen, one just had a lung transplant, two others had part of their lung removed, and there were others in some severe degree of the disease and they all seemed to have a better attitude than I did. It was infectious .....Maybe infectious is not really a good word to use around folks with COPD....Anyway I became motivated I guess is a better word. And made some pretty good friends.


Thomas always told me to go if I had the chance and he was usual...