Day 2 started out scary

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Feb 20, 2018
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I got up and started looking for cigarettes! I looked in my car. Nope. I looked in my purse. Nope. I looked in my heavy jacket. Nope. I looked in my light jacket. Yes. (Notice I have two different jackets that I used to we to go out and smoke, depending on the temperature.) I took one out of the pack, lit it up, and hollered, "NO!" I put it out and took the rest of the pack and broke them at the filter line, and tossed them in the trash. Whew. After I put it out, I sat there and let the disgusting smell waft by. I wanted to smell its grossness to be reminded of why I didn't want to smell like that. One puff. It could have started a chain reaction, but I was so shocked and distraught that it will not. NOPE still stands, though one puff got in there. The house is now clean and I don't feel desperate. I know better. I will not quit this quit and that is my pledge to me today. 


What did I do after this almost disaster? I came inside, got a cup of coffee, and started putting the finish on my no smoking rock I painted yesterday. Then I cried. I made that rock for me. I deserve that rock. I'm earning that rock. 


If you're quitting with me, get rid of ALL the cigarettes. 


I have errands to run today and I'm taking all of you with me for support.