Day 1 again on the morrow

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Feb 18, 2018
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I'm not a stranger to quitting, but am doing it again. I'll be happy to be a quitter rather than a smoker. 


Some of you have seen me here before and you saw me disappear. I'm a human and made some mistakes, and that included smoking again. I set my quit date as tomorrow last week. 


I've been reading Allen Carr again, am in touch with them on Twitter, and have been reeducating myself of the contents of cigarettes (horrifying) and why I want to quit and how I intend to do it. 


My preference is cold turkey. I agree with Carr on the concept of not continuing the drug (nicotine) that I'm quitting in any form. I'm also making "there is no reason to smoke; there are millions of reasons to quit" my mantra. Mostly, I'm repeating "there is no reason to smoke" in my mind and have made major changes already. 


I have the challenge, but not permanent hurdle that can't be defeated, of having a smoker live in the house. She smokes outside only. She's very kind to not smoke in the car when I'm with her. Something I read today about being jealous of smokers and wanting what they have struck me. I need to remember Carr's suggestion that I have nothing to be jealous of. I won't feel pity for her as per his suggestion. She's as addicted as can be. Perhaps she'll see my quit as an opportunity. But for today, my quit is the most important thing for me to consider.


Anyway, here I am. I could use all of your help. I know I'm going to get cranky, but am remaining positive. 


Hello. My name is Donna. I'm a smokeaholic.