How to Upload/Embed Videos

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There are two methods of importing videos to the site.  One is to upload from your own computer, the other to embed a link from an external website (for instance from youtube).  You can put up a video in a reply to someone or you can add one to a blog or discussion you author.  


IMPORTANT NOTE:   Adding videos to personal blogs/discussions can only be done if they are published in a specific location (e.g. in the Conversations  area of the site or in a group like Picture, Video & Quote Sharing.) 


If you don't see the video icon below, you're in an area of the site where videos are not permitted.  Also, if you are replying on someone's content you must actually be IN the content (not simply responding from your inbox area).  So be sure to click on the blog title so that it's centered at the top of your screen.  If you see the words "back to inbox" you'll know that you're responding from your inbox.



Click the forward arrow  icon to insert a video.


To put a video up from youtube  select EMBED A VIDEO in the Select a Video Source box




Next paste in the URL of the video you wish to add and then click the red Import Video button.




 After it's loaded be sure to click the red INSERT VIDEO button:     




To upload a video from your own computer or phone you would click on Upload a Video instead.  Be patient, it can take a while.    Be sure to click the red INSERT VIDEO button  (Bottom Left) after the video is loaded.


You can also put up videos by clicking on the pencil icon upper right side of page:  

Then scroll down and select Video, Embed a clip to share.




You will then be presented with the "Select a Video Source" box as shown above.  Select your source then click the red Import button.  Give it a title, then say a few words.  


If you are responding on someone's blog the Publish Location box will be empty and you will have to determine where you want it published by browsing for a place. 




If you are responding on someone's Discussion, the location will automatically be in Conversations.





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