I'm always learning something new, usually by accident

Discussion created by crazymama_Lori on Feb 11, 2018

Do you ever notice that the same thing appears over and over in your "inbox"?  You might reply to a blog or discussion and every time someone comments it's showing up again.  By default, it automatically selects following when you comment on something.  Nine times out of ten, I don't want to be notified when I respond to something, but it keeps showing up and the numbers under the "bell" is increasing and increasing .  I always opened up the discussion/blog and unchecked following under the actions tab.  Little did I know that I also could do the exact same thing from under the "read the latest updates" box on the home page and just selecting the gear icon on the far right side, click on following and uncheck the inbox and poof, that discussion/blog never shows up again.  I'm liking that whole situation.  And also something I knew of before but I like to share things.  When you click on your inbox or the bell icon, you can check the unread only box and only new items will appear.  If you want to see the older items, all you have to do is uncheck that box and everything will reappear again.


I've learned a lot by playing around on this site and seeing what works and what doesn't.  If you're confused by something, be sure to ask someone under ask a question or just simply post a blog or discussion like this and someone will be by shortly to help you out.


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