No Encouragement From Husband!

Discussion created by minihorses on Feb 11, 2018
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Day 105 on my quit and my sons are so proud of me!  I get hugs and encouragement daily from both of them.  My husband on the other hand has only offered encouragement twice about my quit in the last 105 days,  On quit day he said "You quit today? Great!" and after I told him I'd made it 50 days I got "That's nice".  Other than those two days he's said nothing.  He completely blew off my 100th day. The boys on the other hand told me how good I was doing and how proud they were of me.  My youngest son said we should do something to celebrate, my husband didn't give 2 sh^ts.  The biggest reason I quit was for my husband and kids.  I quit for me too but it was secondary to them.  If it wasn't for the boys I'd be smoking again.  I won't let them down and I really don't want to go back to it.  If I was single without kids I can guarantee I would have smoked myself to death. I just don't get the lack of support from the jerk of a husband, especially after watching his mother die of emphysema!  I will remain quit but it would be nice if the man I love and have been married to for 33 years gave me encouragement and support. Thank God I get all the love and support here on Ex and I want to thank you all for being the best quit buddies!!!