Feeling Fragile-Help!!!

Discussion created by cat52 on Feb 11, 2018
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Today will be 20 DOF for me! I am proud of myself and do not want to turn back. However, I am feeling very weak and fragile this morning. As I mentioned before, my oldest daughter has mental issues which she refuses to get treatment for and she creates a lot of drama in my life. I can not just remove myself from her, because my 4 yr old grandson is involved. Well, she was having a bad weekend and instead of relaxing and doing things to help keep myself on track- I got wrapped up in the drama. I have not smoked, but I had dreams last night that I did and in my dream it tasted so good and made me so relaxed. I woke up feeling anxious about this and everything going on. I normally try to get busy and go somewhere when stressed and tempted, but it is icy and cold out and I am trapped inside with my thoughts, UGH!!! I need help to get me positive again.  Thanks, Cathy