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Hi everyone, I’m Michelle and this is my first post here. I’m a 54 year old pack a day ex  (I smoked for 40 years),  who will be smoke, alcohol and fattening food free 30 days tomorrow. I am on Chantix since quitting. I understand quitting all three things at once greatly increases my chances for failing one or all of them but I had some very critical level blood work that demands I either change my lifestyle drastically and now, or not be here to see my grandchildren grow. It’s very hard at times, but reading things in here is helping and inspiring a lot! I’m so very happy to have found this site.  So I want to share some things I’m noticing since quitting. I now have a random annoying tickle in my throat that only stops after I cough very hard, so hard it makes my lungs and back hurt. Thankfully im not bringing anything up with it. I know my lungs are beginning to heal and return to a normal function again, but it’s a pain in my butt especially when it wakes me up a lot through the night. I’m having a hard enough time falling asleep and staying asleep as it is. Mood swings are getting a little better. I honestly miss eating crap more than drinking or smoking.  I’m avoiding stress like the plague which isn’t that difficult as I don’t work anymore.  Some big pluses are I am smelling and tasting things so much better, I can easily go for walks, exercise and play with my dogs running around outside now without shortness of breath.  At first I was really tired but lately I’m a ball of energy. I have more free time now and my house is getting clean and organized. My BP and resting pulse are dropping, I may soon be off some meds! Thank you for reading this and being such a helpful awesome group of people. ❤️