Consider A Way Out Before The Door Closes

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Panic Attacks:

      Once The Adrenaline Starts Pumping It's Too Late To Stop It.

When you've had them you know from past experience you will not be able to come down from it for hours and you will feel like you've been through the wringer afterwards, weak and shaky.


      I never had a panic attack before I quit smoking but, I experienced a few of them after I quit.  I am not saying they are in any way connected other than,  I probably would have smoked had I still been a smoker.  :-)


      What I'm going to offer is what I've learned about them.


Once you've had them, once you know how they feel,

when you know those two things, You can learn to consciously catch and control them before the adrenaline has been dumped.


      My theory is we get a negative thought started, a fear, and we magnify it until we lose hope of a solution to that thought, then, the adrenaline is pushed.  Remember, adrenaline is for the girding up to fight or run. (fight or flight)


      So here's an example of the last time I had a panic attack and how I pulled out of it.

      I had a surgery that required overnight monitoring. They had me hooked up to monitors, a catheter, and IV. I awoke with my back itching tremendously from lying in the same position. The air seemed stale. I was scratching my back but could not get the itching to stop.

      I felt trapped in that bed. I wanted to get up and get some fresh air.

I was claustrophobic, the room was a blur, and, I was ready to scream.

From past experience, I knew the adrenaline was going to kick in and I had to stop it right then or rip out all the tubes and wires and jump out of the bed.

      My hands were fumbling on the nightstand. My glasses.

I put them on. Things cleared up instantly.

      I was able to call the nurse. She was able to put some lotion on my bleeding back.


      You know how I tell you to bite into a lemon skin and all or stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20 if you feel like you have an unstoppable crave? Putting on my glasses pulled me out of that place before I went ballistic.


      I believe with practice, you can learn to turn off the panic attack switch in similar ways. You just have to find the off switch that works for you and remember to use it at the right time.


Keep learning about yourself. Smoking is no future.