Difficulties Navigating the Site?

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by scha


I have read several comments from new members over the past months  who have expressed difficulty in navigating the site.  I think it's important to find out what those specific difficulties are and try to address them.  If the new Jive platform is so rich in functions, but lacking in simplicity - then we need to either narrow down the functions or make them very clear in an easy-to-understand "HOW TO."  


Because there are so many different ways to do any given thing here, it perhaps muddies the waters and creates confusion?  I'm of the older generation, but KISS speaks to my mind.  (I.e. Keep It Simple Stupid.)  So how can we on this site as supporters help you navigate.  And what kind of instructional material would make it easier for you?  Pictures/graphics?  How TO videos?  Tell us what you need that you think would help the most, and tell us what is confusing or lacking for you in instructional material.  What makes it difficult for you to navigate here?


The owners of this site are very open to suggestions and want to make this site the best that it can be.  For both their needs and ours.  Don't site bash, but do site enhance with your suggestions.  


It was very difficult for most of us who came from the old platform to adjust to this new one.  It is still difficult for me on occasion.  And many members have not returned because of the enormous learning curve it took to understand this new one.  


We as supporters need to understand what you are lacking in the nagivating end so that we can instruct you as to how to best get around or point you to specific instructions in the Help part of the community.  The site manager also needs to understand that.


So please - tell us about your confusion in getting around this place.  If the map provided isn't sufficient, then we need to create the map that is.