Almost 7 days since quit

Discussion created by SwedishChef on Feb 3, 2018
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Hi folks, I’m new here. My name is Chris. I’m 36. I started smoking about 11 years ago. I’ve tried a few times to quit; Allen Carr workshop, cold turkey, vaping etc... never last more than 3 days before.


But 7 days ago I tried again. I ordered a vape pen for help. My motivation was coming from wanting more physical and spiritual purity.


It has been difficult, but I’m so proud of making it this far. Even though vaping is kind of trading one addiction for another, it’s a good trade in my book. Certainly better than cigarettes.


I haven’t dealt with nicotine cravings because I’m getting it from vaping, but for me, the nicotine withdrawal has always been the easy part - it’s the habits that are hard. It’s hard to know what to do with myself as a non-smoker, but I’ve got so much momentum now and they say the first 2 weeks are the hardest. I’m halfway through that and determined to kick it.


Even though it feels impossible, I believe that I was born a non-smoker, I remember being happy as a non-smoker, and I see so many happy non-smokers daily that I can see that smoking is a lie. I want that freedom for myself, and I want to be free of all the crap that being a smoker entails.


Just sharing my story as it unfolds. I hope I can get support and that I can help others.