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Beginning this very NOW moment what have you given to the next suffering nicotine addict.......facts about nicotine.... books to read about nicotine.... expert advice of research tests reports to read... these are ALL good POINTERS .... yet in remembering what YOU use to be like in EARLY withdrawling from nicotine.... are you giving what was given to you.... HOPE  and LOVE... in your OWN experiences of withdrawling from nicotine..... your HEART experience NOT just HEAD knowledge... I remember the love when shared by those STAYING quit were sharing the pain and the hurt and the loss by talking about HOW they went THROUGH the life on life SUDDENDLY feelings and made it OUT by someone else sharing what they were living recovering from nicotine SUDDENDLY life on life terms just told them by their doctor... you have lung cancer and they came here and BLOGGED their heart experience and REMAIN QUIT while FREELY giving away HOW they dealt with their NEW life reality they helped a newbee like ME to accept the FACT.... life happens and they received their heart painful NEW recovery life on lifes terms experience to LEARN this NEW life and WALKING it by releasing the OLD thinking habits and receive their NEW way of thinking and choosing to go through their life lessons by OTHERS who lived with lung cancer and did NOT use and who gave their HOPE away to ME to take what HELPS ME NOT TO USE... then by another.....who received from another...shared their heart experince of traveling out of state to a funeral and not USE nicotine to drive there.....people taught ME because they too traveled with the VICTORY of NOT using nicotine......NO ONE can take credit for what was GIVEN FREELY... I remember Doris she sent ME love everyday by encouraging ME to blog and tell on MYSELF to blog and talk of weakness and desires of wanting to go back to using because this NEW way was still NEW and i didn't get it! Doris died giving away to ME what was freely given her experience strength and hope... H is for hearing how she handle withdrawl from nicotine and what Doris did NEW... it was what someone else taught her from the heart experience...O is for others.... ALL the OTHERS here that gave to Doris because OTHERS gave to them their heart experience....P is for PEOPLE....ALL the PEOPLE here who offer their heart experince by what was GIVEN FREELY to them... experience given through trials tests and pains of the heart accepting life on lifes terms.... E is for that EXPERIENCE of ALL here who LIVED through lifes SUDDENLYS... MY 3 months nicotine free life experience MY family member killed by drunk driver....SUDDEN deaths from life just goes on and ill health consequences from using nicotine of MY family members who shared their heart experince with ME who lived with NOT being able to breathe due to lung cancer and on their death bed shared with ME their heart experinces consequences happened to them by their CHOICE using nicotine in lifes SUDDENLYS to cope and HOPED i would learn from their mistakes... H. O. P. E. that Doris gave FREELY was the WISDOM to pass on what was given to the next suffering nicotine addict.... what you use to BE like using nicotine... what happened in your heart to STOP using nicotine and what YOU are living like TODAY not using nicotine NO matter what life throws your way and for ME the example of Doris at her death bed passed on to ME the lesson to REJOICE IN WHAT GOD had done for Doris who kept her NICOTINE FREE which she gave away to ALL who wanted the heart experince TRUTH nicotine KILLS and how her GOD help Doris to continue to come here to HELP the next suffering nicotine addict to HOPE if you can REMAIN QUIT through the SUDDENLYS of life on lifes terms hurting so bad you want to die SOME OF US know H.O.P.E. that was given by others so please BLOG before you take that first PUFF over YOU! Thank you and please take what helps and LET GO of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim! keep on keeping on given freely in love from Atlanta Mike to ME years ago and he is still helping ME the next suffering recovering nicotine addict to H.O.P.E. and REMAIN quit NO matter what happens SUDDENLY!