Breathe in Breathe Out

Discussion created by MichelleDiane on Jan 26, 2018
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Wow.  It's amazing how one day can be so different from the next day.  I'm struggling a little today.  Once again that uneasy feeling has crept in.  I know it has something to do with the disruption of my sleep.  I've had a difficult time falling asleep over the past week and I get up two to three times during the night.  I did massive deep breathing this morning and just made myself some chamomile tea.  I came straight to this community because I know this will help me get over the speed bump.  I get so angry with myself when I even think about going back to smoking.  I don't want to smoke.  I don't need to smoke.  It's like bargaining with the devil.  The price is too deep, so the devil is not winning, but I am trying to climb out of that pit.  I am working to make it another smoke free day, so I can put day 26 in highlights on my calendar, which I do each morning that I've won the day before.  Great vivid colors with the number.  I plan on changing my colors from orange/blue to yellow/green when I hit 1 month of freedom.  I look forward to that, which is helping me through this moment as well as coming to this community where I know everyone is rooting for me.  Thanks for being there.

With love,