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Quit zits & insomnia normal after 2 months?

Question asked by Nat11 on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by Tabbiekat

Well, hello everyone! I was hoping for some clarification from other fellow ex smokers. So, just a quick intro to my question. Basically, I've always been a healthy eater. Always went to bed on time, exercising frequently avoiding alcohol etc. Except for the fact that I was smoking since the age of 20 (am now 27). Finally quit around two months ago. Never been happier or been more dedicated to healthy eating and exercising. However, I'm having really annoying quit zits and insomnia. I've never suffered from acne, not even in puberty and insomnia just never truly believed it to be that bad. For the quit zits, I literally eat so much fruit and vegs and drink at least 2L of water a day... Also hygiene wise I do facials once a week, have a good routine etc. Yet, they keep appearing lol. And in really random places on my face. The skin around my zits looks amazing though. And the insomnia. It's terrible. I cannot fall asleep before 5am no matter how early I wake up that day or how active I am. I even tried not sleeping for a whole 24hours and even then to my shock I barely fell asleep at 3am. I also felt fine and energized during this little experiment lol. I can deal with all of this, I am just wondering has anyone else been through something like this and if so any tips/advice? Also, if you have been where I am now in the past how long did it take to become the past lol? Thanks!