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Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by Mark

It might be helpful when one hovers over someone's avatar to see something that represents the number of points and levels that they have earned other than 0 and 0.  Since points and levels (the 'gamification' that has occurred on this new Jive site) are seemingly important (to some), then it would be a good thing if they were displayed when hovering over a person's avatar.  No?


As an example - here is one of our active Elder's with zero points and levels zero showing when you hover over his avatar.  (Which is incorrect.)  (Could be anyone, with a zillion points and levels - they're still going to read zero and zero.)



Yet when you go to his page you see something more accurate.





Is there any way to correct the discrepancy or correlate the two?   If not, they why not just eliminate the "hover over"point and level values since they don't jive on Jive with what's on a person's home page?


And yet, I just discovered while experimenting during the writing of this, that hovering over my own avatar presents the following:



Then are we to assume that it's only when we hover over our OWN avatars that we see the actual points and levels achieved?  If gamification is the name of the game, then shouldn't we be able to compare our stats to someone else's as easily?  In other words why aren't all point and levels easily discerned by hovering over everyone's avatar?  My logical mind suggests this makes sense and consistency across the board would be desirable.  But then - that's my logical mind.  Since the information on our quit dates and last log ins are still a day out of sink with the actuality, I guess this is an issue that doesn't demand immediate attention with the Jive folks.