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I am creating this page for anyone and everyone to post a prayer for Diane Joy indingrl.01.06.2011, her daughter and her family.  Please feel free to add your own prayers for them in these extremely difficult times.


Father God, I come before you this morning with a heavy heart for some of your children.  Diane Joy and her family are in desperate times, especially her daughter.  You have lifted her daughter from the coma by your powerful grace and abundant love.  You have breathed life back into her.  You have stayed by Diane Joy's family steadfast during this traumatic event and shown your ever lasting love for them.  Diane Joy has stayed steadfast in her love for you with her prayers and faith.  You have heard all of our prayers and have brought her daughter out of the darkness.  Please stay by the side of the family and wrap them in your love at all times.  Be in her daughter as she learns how to do things again, she is but a baby at this time.  Like a baby in faith give her the strength, love, encouragement, and heart to want to continue her healing journey.  Continue to hold Diane Joy in your loving arms and be with her every second of each day as she holds tight to you during this time of both joy and grief.  Joy that her daughter is alive and awake but grieving that her child must relearn how to do everything as if newly born.  Let her daughter BE newly born in You.  Let her see you and show her that you will be with her every step of the way.  I lift this family to you in prayer for by your grace they can continue to heal.  Each one of them has been affected by this event and trying times so please bless each and every one of them and give them the strength to continue each day.  In Jesus' precious and holy name I pray for this family.  Amen.