20 days without smoking

Discussion created by Amy436 on Jan 14, 2018
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Hello beautiful people from arround the world .

good day

i want to share my happiness with you all as you all have supported me in my tough times 

I have completed 20 days without smoking a single cigarette and without nicotine patch’s 

I have went through chest x-ray as I was getting negative feeling but by the grace of GOD everything was normal my doctor told that it’s only mucus in your lungs as your were smoking for years and it will take time to clear mucus,

but I have some question here 

1- im feeling weak and tired 

2 - im facing somebody pains such as pain in left arm but now it’s fine and now slight pain in neck and lower back and right side ankle is it because My body is not getting nicotine ? And i’m feeing weak?