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My husband had ordered me a coloring book for Christmas.  When we were at my mom's in FL this past summer my sister had bought her a really beautiful coloring book from the Audubon Society.  It was beautiful birds in natural settings.  Each page had a full color plate on one side and the blank coloring page on the next page so you could see what they were supposed to look like.  Now, I can't draw a straight line with a ruler on graph paper but I had fun coloring one of the pictures in the evenings as we watched tv and talked. I even managed to get the pencil lines to look like feathers.   It actually turned out nice.  Hubby ordered a similar one for me for Christmas that still hasn't arrived.  Yesterday he brought in the mail and there was a package that looked like it might be the bird book.  It was a coloring book but not the bird one I was expecting.  He gave it to me back cover side up and when I flipped it over I saw the title and just about died laughing.  It is an adult coloring book named "Go F##k Yourself, I'm Coloring! Swear Word Coloring Book"  The only letter blocked out of the title on the book is the U, it has been replaced with a pretty star!!  Inside are wild coloring pictures with a swear word phrase in them.  Some of the background art is very intricate too.  He says he bought it on amazon and there is actually a whole SERIES of these!  I think I'll use it when I get frustrated or in a hissy mood.  Yep, we're a little warped and twisted here but we have a lot of fun!  



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