It's easier than you think  

Discussion created by angel51859 on Jan 9, 2018
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Hi everyone ! It's been awhile since I have been here! I am very proud to say I am still smoke free! Since 1/1/11 . At the stroke of midnight on 12/31/10 I smoked my last cigarette! That New year's Eve I decided I would try to stop smoking a day at a time! If you knew how I smoked you would never believe I am still smoke free today! I used a very simple approach One day at a time! And I chose to do this to be healthier and feel better! I used to tell myself if I smoke I have to start all over again! And why would I do that to myself?? As the days months and years have accumulated  I still feel the same way . On occasion I have an urge after a meal , but mostly I do not! I have to much time to self destruct ! I share will all of you because it is as easy as you want it to be . Make a choice that it's not hard to do but self caring to do!

Love & kisses