Terrible Threes

Discussion created by MichelleDiane on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by elvan

Good morning to all.  Anybody remember the term Terrible Two's for toddlers?  I remember the 3's being worse.  I am heading on 2 weeks (Day 9) for me and I'm not sure, but I do believe my mind is wondering towards the next leg of my journey because I feel "dread".  My last quit lasted 19 days (that was the third week).  Maybe my brain is reminding me that the third week is when I lost my quit due to fearful thinking.  I am fearful that this is happening again.  I am mindful that I need to be in today and not in the future, but this nasty feeling is pulling at me.  I just wanted to come to this site because I know it has been my lifeline.  I plan on getting dressed and heading out to work.  I also plan on coming to this site as much as possible.  I will pack a healthy lunch, get down on my knees and praying (Ellen's suggestion has helped), have gum with me and plenty of water.  I plan on redirecting my thoughts and remembering how much I coughed and choked when I was smoking.  I will also think of my family and how we are going to be celebrating my youngest daughter's graduation from college in the spring as well as the trip we are planning to Disney for her graduation present.  All of these wonderful things will be present in my mind to help me overcome this feeling.  But I could use a little encouragement on today's journey.  Thanks in advance.