Rough Patch This Morning

Discussion created by MichelleDiane on Jan 8, 2018
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I'm coming straight to this site because I have had a difficult morning.  I'm not exactly sure why, but part of it may be due to having severe neck pain.  I was in a car accident this summer and my neck continues to hurt.  I went for physical therapy since August, but no change.  This morning I had to sit with a heating pad on my neck for over an hour.  Although it helped a little I am still in pain.  Also, last night was another blow out with my son.  Interesting that my husband said to me "G-d must be challenging you.  You're quitting smoking and all of this".  I think they may also be feeding into my feelings of being anxious and unsettled.  Well, thanks for listening to me vent.  I did make the pledge and I am going to stick to it.  Smoking will not make the neck pain disappear or the situation with my son be any better.  I know that.  On week 2 and praying.