The true cost of smoking

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This is an update on a post I made a few weeks ago (290 days)


My Kind, Sweet , Gentle, Loving Sister in Law has died. She passed away at 6:15 PM on Saturday 12/23/17. She had Lung cancer that had spread. She was just 48 years old. She passed away under the care of hospice. She spent the last 2 weeks of her life just waiting for it to end.

I went to visit her almost every day that she was there. And every time I walked in the room I was afraid of what I would see. Every day was worse then the day before. It was hard to see someone you love in that state. She was skin and bones. There was just nothing left of her.

Lisa's main fear was being alone at the end. When her time came, she was not alone. Her room was filled with the people that were most important to her. I sat with her from 11 am until she took her last breath at 6:15 that evening.

I have never seen or been a part of anything like that, nor do I ever want to be again. Her passing was not as peaceful as I would have hoped. It was not like I have seen on TV. It was nothing short of terrififying. She knew she was about to die and the fear in her eyes is something I will never forget. 

I could go into further detail but I don't want to put the image in your head like the one I can't get out of mine. I can't stop thinking about her, about the last moments of her life. Life is short as it is. Why must we do things to our bodies to make it even shorter.

I have not smoked since 2/20/17. I plan to never smoke again. My Husband, Lisa's brother, continues to smoke. I told him if he doesn't stop it will be him in that bed next. She smoked about 2 years longer then him. This is his future.

Please if you are thinking about quitting remember this story. This is the reality of smoking. You must take care of yourself. Do not make the consequences of your actions fall on to your loved ones.


Much Love,

Kelly XOXO