Glucose in the Airway

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When we get a Common Cold which is a Rhino Virus why do we wind up with an exacerbation? Why does it make sense to constantly be on antibiotics when we know that overuse of antibiotics is a constant concern for the entire population?

Here is part of the answer. I assure you that microbiologically scientists don't know near enough! They're the first to tell you - they don't really have a clue! But they are learning and this is a new discovery.

Glucose in the airways could increase infections in lung disease patients 

The good news is that there is already a widely distributed effective medication that could very quickly become accessible after FDA approval - Metformin.

Metformin is used for Diabetes and could help regulate and decrease glucose in the airways so that a Cold becomes just a Cold like in the "good old days." It's a much better choice than antibiotic. 

I am in no way advocating anybody making these changes in any other format than with your Doctor! Do NOT stop taking prescribed antibiotics! Do NOT start taking Metformin without a prescription! 

We have a lot to learn but at least the research is finally being made! Our job is to stay as healthy as possible until R&D catches up. It will happen! I believe!