Temptation vs Determination

Discussion created by MichelleDiane on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by Mandolinrain

Hello everyone.  This morning I found myself at a crossroads in my quit.  It was through much self talk and termination that helped me through, what I thought, was a temptation.  I was apprehensive about taking my husband to the station knowing that I would be passing my often frequented 7/11 for my daily pack.  But I know that I can't stay buried in my house even if there is more than two feet of snow outside.  I dropped my husband off and headed back home with much trepidation.  I talked to myself saying that 1)  I DO NOT want to repeat day 1  2)  I DO NOT need the cigarette     3)  my cough was starting to sound like my mother (ugh)  4) I CAN BREATH  5)  I love my family  6) I am proud of myself for quitting  7)  BREATH  8)  Look forward to your breakfast  9)  You have a lot to do today, so get absorbed in your tasks  and 10)  You are FREE.  I believe there are more things I said, but the main thing is I realized that I really did not want to smoke.  It was conditioning that made me fear driving past my cigarette stop.  I am going to get started on my projects and say N.O.P.E.  Thank you all for being here.