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First of all I need to apologize for not being here much.    I know I've done that before and I truly do have good intentions to be on more but sometimes life just rushes by......

I'm on FB with some of you and I have just updated my Cancer Journey there but wanted to share a bit here.

I had to go off the Opdivo even though it was doing what it was supposed to do with the cancer.   Unfortunately my body was having some adverse reactions to it.    Had a few infections over the 4 months and my skin kept getting worse with itching/rash/hives.    Eventually so bad that I was ready to go to ER but didn't.   (Dr told me yesterday that it was a level 3 and they hospitalize you at a 4).     So no treatment yesterday and next week the dr and I will need to decide what the next step is.         Some of you read my Caringbridge (Sharon'sjourney5) and I've just posted on there.     I will try to keep that more current.

Good news is that I'm starting work 2 days a week doing admin support at the agency I used to work I pray that I will be able to do that for a LONG time!

Thanks for listening and Stay Strong all you EXers!