It's All In The PREP.....Who'd a Thunk??

Discussion created by Lindaholbrook22 on Jan 2, 2018
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HELLO EVERYONE, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just have a minute. Just wanted to share I'm back at my quit strategy today. In fact, I have prepared a sticky note for myself and continue to add to it as I find things I know will help ME. Another's strategy may be different! I've copied/pasted it below just as a sharing thing. TO MY FELLOW NEW YEAR has become totally understandable WHY all the prep is necessary! Hope you have had some time to DISCOVER your path as well. I am lucky due to a reprieve from a busy work schedule to take this on. If you aren't lucky in that way, maybe give up seeing the friend for dinner or running around with holiday returns when they can be done later. Stay HOME, stay quiet, stay calm, Stay reflective...with a cup of a warm beverage in hand.  DO this important leg much as you can! (I read it has been PROVEN that a hot mug of "something" cupped in your hands lowers cortisole , therefore lowers stress!  Today I read crazymama_ Lori's "Here's The Skinny"....I believe it is in the Quit Kit. IT'S A MUST! Also watched the 13 minute Mike Evans video Lori suggests.  ALSO A MUST! Thank you, crazymama_Lori


So here it is so far


My Quit Plan     (pleae help me fill in if something helped you to succeed that you don't see's T-6 for me now   !!!!)


Avoidance- (Places and other habit triggers that weaken resolve and bring stress on)

Acceptance- Accept that I can't control all situations, focus on what positive alternative choices I can make..... back away...retreat if need be)

Alter expectations...manage lists, to dos, stressful relationships

Stay close to my resources-BecomeAnEx.Org friends and resources

Have "trigger replacements" ready and on hand
Have good healthy food on hand

Make ME a priority, it's ok! Nurture, reduce stress, treat myself well while adapting

MOVE....get out and do something!