Best Christmas Present Ever!

Discussion created by minihorses on Dec 30, 2017
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Every year I find one Christmas gift that I either give to someone else or receive as a gift that makes the top few spots on the gift-o-meter.  It's usually something I give to my husband or boys. This year's best gift was for my youngest son, myself and my husband.  My husband secretly bought tickets to one of the best heavy metal music concerts around!!



Can't wait to ruin my bad hearing some more, do a lot of head-banging, and 'throwing my horns'.   I may be over 50 but this old girl can out rock some of the best of the young'ns!!  Live young in the mind because it's the body that gets old too quick. Good thing I don't smoke anymore because the money I save from not buying cigs is being saved in a different 'rainy day' account.  I should be able to have enough cash built up to pay for gas, food and the hotel with some money left for 'souvenirs' like t-shirts and hoodies.  So psyched!!!


Julie   62 DOF