COPD on the Rise!

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Unfortunately funding is not!

Global, regional, and national deaths, prevalence, disability-adjusted life years, and years lived with disability for c… 

What does it take before COPD and Asthmas get the same attention as Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer? 

Did the poor people who use charcoal and animal waste to heat their homes and cook deserve COPD slow death?

Did the construction workers exposed to environmental pollution that tore up their lungs deserve it?

Did even the smokers who were seduced while politicians lined their pockets with Big Tobacco bribes deserve it?

Nobody deserves COPD or Asthma! 

Every man, woman and child is paying for the cost of these devastating diseases either directly or indirectly. 

R&D is getting closer every day but they need money. 

There are better treatments coming along every day. Europe is now routinely using stints rather than LVRS.  

Microbiologists are now identifying the proteins and enzymes that are activated - the on switch - for COPD.

The work continues....

Hope triumphs over all!