Oh Well, "I don't do that anymore"!

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The stockings are emptied and most of the gifts are unwrapped.  There is a little leftover turkey but the dressing is all gone.  Driving home from my family Christmas dinner , a brief thought of smoking surfaced from my addictive brain.

I could not even laugh about it.  A little disbelief since I have come so far but I also realize that this time of the year those thoughts come.  I take it seriously and quickly go into protect my quit mode.  NO!  I tell myself "I don't do that anymore".   I was sure the thought would be brief and pass.  Just a thought of smoking associated with the "festivities", no need to act upon it because "I don't do that anymore."  No Need to stop and pick up a pack.  I am free.  I splurged  on cookies, chocolate, cake and ice cream along with an alcoholic drink on Christmas Eve, so I  am open to a certain amount of vulnerability if I am not on guard   A cigarette could have been the last hurrah. (past tense) because....I don't do that anymore.  I was able to brush off the phantom smoke and not focus on finding where it is coming from.  Moving forward because I know it will pass.  I will not be fooled. In serious protect mode  I told myself, suck it in and out take a few deep breathes. Go home. No reason to stop and get smokes, I couldn't envision being able to stop. A cup of hot chocolate will suffice because "I don't do that anymore".  Keeping it real, I am free 1065 DOF.  Merry Christmas Everyone.  I hope you all enjoyed your day smoke free.  I am a nonsmoker. 

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Because, I don't do that anymore