In-Betweeners Weekly Check In - 12/18/2017

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Hello, In-Betweeners!  I will be posting this discussion every Monday to offer encouragement and camaraderie to those in-betweeners; basically months 5 to 12 of a quit.  Regardless of how long you've been quit, anyone who likes the conversation and wants to offer support is welcome to participate!


We are happy if you just stop by to say hi and let us know you are still with us!  Feel free to offer up ideas on topic question and I will include them in next week’s post!  Stop by daily or as often as you like!  Don’t forget to post to the Daily Pledge! 


This week’s topic: Holiday Stress


Whether you are in-between or not, I think this time of year brings added stress to our lives.  Many of us are facing our first holidays smoke and/or nicotine free!  YAY!  With that can bring trepidation and anxiety.  


Give your fellow in-betweeners some ideas on how best to deal with this smoke free stressful holiday season!  What new memories are you excited to partake in now that you are smoke free?  


Come one come all and share your experiences, strengths, and hopes for a successful, relapse free, and stress-less holiday season!


Checking in here will help you get through the in-betweener months and on your way to the first year where you can celebrate being in the 6% Club and graduate to eventually become an Elder!


Please let me know if you are interested in posting the NML or In-betweener Weekly Check In.  I am happy to continue it, share it, or pass it to the nEXt EXer in NML who is ready, willing, and able.