Adjusting to Oxygen Therapy

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 15, 2017
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It's really funny when you think back on all of the things you take for granted. Like running that extra errand on your way home from somewhere or grabbing your keys and hopping in the car. 

Having oxygen on the go is a whole other thing! You have to make sure your portables are full. You have to give yourself time to switch from concentrator to portable. You have to make sure the tank doesn't flop over in the car while you're driving and you definitely have to keep a close watch on time! I didn't realize I spent that much time picking up a few things at the store. No window shopping! Grab what you need and go! You don't want to get stuck 30 minutes away from home with no oxygen.

Then there's the funny things like getting the tubing wrapped around the furniture and doing pretzels to unhook it. Or sitting on your tube until you realize you can't breathe. Or putting your coat on over your backpack and then realizing that you have to find a way to put your coat on under the backpack. Or getting out of the car and forgetting the backpack until you realize the cord is choking you! LOL!

But it feels good to know that I won't wind up in the ER or Urgent Care today. My sats are steadying out finally. My shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing are improving. I'm finally coming around. I make an effort to exert myself and they drop but do come back up more quickly. And I'm sleeping better.

Then there's the practical stuff. I'm applying for Medical Leave and Short Term Disability. I'm applying for handicapped parking permits. I'm working on getting Pulmonary Rehab covered by insurance. I'm calculating how long it will be until my savings runs out. I have paperwork up to my eyeballs.

So we have a game plan. Get a POC. Get license plates. Get short term disability and accommodation. Get Pulmonary Rehab. Get me back to work ASAP and find a way to make up the gap financially. 

Merry Christmas!

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away! Blessed be the Lord!