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It is such a relief to not be obsessed in MY mind of the MANY thoughts of using nicotine...IN THE PAST..... as soon as I wake up the old thoughts came rushing in..... using nicotine to get up...move... talk... breathe...act... cook... every ACTION under the sun for my day! NOW today what a RELIEF I said a prayer asked God for help and came here to share what a relief it is NOT to HAVE to use nicotine to live this one day... today I have God who is love in ME and I do what was SUGGESTED to ME years ago  by the SOME of the elders here... to come share MY  experince of how living nicotine FREE today... relieved I dont have to use nicotine and have to go out in the first snowfall here in my use nicotine... i am relieved that I have extra money to spend on others.... or give to the food pantry... or buy gifts cards for others....or for ME..... I am relieved all I must do to keep this nicotine freedom is give it all away to anyone who suffers from nicotine addiction by blogging and sharing the love that says you can CHOOSE relief by choosing to make a DECISION to be relieved of your bondage of SELF using nicotine by CHOOSING not to use TODAY! Welcome to ALL newbees what a relief you CHOSE to come to this site TODAY for YOU! Please take what helps and let go of the rest... thank you.