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Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Dec 6, 2017
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When sending out private messages to more than one person, it's important for the recipients to understand that their replies are being read by the group at large.  To the right of the subject line (in this case "Hi everyone), you will see a "people" icon with the number 11 after it.  That means there are 11 people in this personal message group. When you click on it you can see who is included in the group. 



People can be added by ANYONE within the group by clicking on 


Although this feature can be very handy it could also be very dangerous in the wrong hands  - and thus it is extremely important to understand that all replies within the group are visible to all.  


I think, Mark some kind of pop up that says "this is a group private message - your response is seen by all within the group"  or some such verbiage would be advisable.  Obviously you can't control that, but it should be suggested to Jive.


Recently I was included in a loving group PM asking for our mailing addresses to send a special "thank you" for our support.  And many of the recipients responded within the PM with exactly such information.  And so now I know the personal addresses of several of my fellow members here.  Which I'm not sure they were aware would be happening when they responded.  All of us, in this case, are long-term supporters and wouldn't abuse the knowledge of each other's home addresses.... but obviously giving out such information shouldn't be for everyone within the group and could be harmful in the wrong hands.


Email addresses are one thing, we can change those if necessary.  But our home address?  There are far too many innocents who don't understand the internet, nor the technology, nor the Jive platform and the dangers of it.  


Something that needs to be addressed.  MOO



Updated 1/2/18


Here is another example of people included in a group private message but it's different from the one exampled above.



In this case there is no "people icon" to the right of the Message Title as in the example above.  So the only way to discover who is included in the message group is by clicking on the "13 others."