Whatever It Takes

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 5, 2017
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The last 2 Months - now going into 3 have been a huge struggle for me. I have been in Urgent Care or Doctor's Offices 12 times. The symptoms have varied from COPD exacerbation to depressive episodes and anxiety attacks to asthma. Just yesterday I was in the ER for albuterol overdose and my Oxygen was dipping into the low 80s - very bad! I haven't worked a full day for a full week. Who wouldn't be anxious, right? 

Friday I sat in my Doctor's office and - again - told him that we have to get to the bottom of this - it is not my normal. That day my Oxygen was at 98% but I had a terrible asthma attack. When I say my normal I mean that yes, I've been sick from time to time - like, twice a Year! But for 2 Months straight? Something has changed! I've had every test you can dream up - blood work, chest X-rays, CT Scans, EKGs, Spirometry Tests, you name it!

So one day it's nerves, one day it's asthma, one day it's Oxygen, every day another not so good surprise!

So my question to you - has anybody been through a period of time like this? Did it ever get better? That's my Fear of course - that this is how it will be from here on out. 

I have a Great Job! They have been beyond patient and understanding, so far! But there's only so much accommodation any Company can and will do for their employee. I know that! I'm running out of time. This needs to be fixed ASAP. And I have nothing but questions - no answers. 

If you have any insights I'd love to hear from you!