my last nerve

Discussion created by Tammyzhere on Dec 6, 2017
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I'm getting ready to go off on my adult daughter.... 

well it's not a new feeling
it's been an ongoing thing that I have successfully stuffed for many years
but now that I'm not smoking - I'm like ok ***** all that
***** him and ***** her and both of them can ***** the ***** off
every phucking time I talk to her - she mentions him (my ex - her dad)
the past 10 outta 10 times - I haven't said anything
but now I'm just DONE
cuz it's ok that she wants to have a relationship with him
what is not ok is that she consistently has to tell me about it

every phucking time I talk to her - EV#E#RY time !!!!!

when I have specifically said I do not wanna hear about it
she is not stupid - she knows it bothers the ***** outta me