No Christmas Here This Year

Discussion created by minihorses on Dec 4, 2017
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As much as I adore this time of year I've decided to skip Christmas this year. It used to be fun when the kids were smaller but both boys are adults now with one 18 years old and one 25 year old. Being guys they don't really care about decorations or lights or anything else. I have a bunch of cookie dough ready to roll out and cut and decorate but I'm not wasting my time this year. I'm just going to get the kids what they want and they can have it when it comes into the house. I had to buy a new tree but it's still in the box so I'm going to have them put it it the attic for the next time we actually have a Christmas celebration. I'm the only Christian in the house so I will focus on Jesus and they can do whatever they want. I just don't feel like it would be an enjoyable one and I certainly don't need any extra stress! I'm ready to become a smoker again. It won't help my problems but I was actually happier then. I guess I just need an addiction of some sort and those are the only things that are legal besides alcohol and I don't drink. I'm not going to make that decision or act on it yet, it's always better to sleep on it and really think it through so I'm going to do just that. Thank you all for your continued support as you are the only ones that have supported me throughout this endeavor!

Peace to you all.


Julie  36 DOF