Therapeutic Strategies for COPD Management

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Are you letting the tail wag the dog? 

Do you educate yourself on the Treatment Plan that your Doctor and/or Pulmonologist present to you? Do you know enough to ask the right questions and give feedback. Do you insist on options and with your Dr's advice make the decision yourself? Or do you simply follow the Dr's instructions - or not? 

This is your body - your decision. But you can't just make a blind decision. You need to learn about your specific COPD. Each of us is different - some of us are very different! Are you a blue bloater or a pink puffer? How much lung capacity do you have? Which of your several lung illnesses have been diagnosed? Might there be some that you have that are not diagnosed? Are your symptoms being treated or ignored? Have you even asked yourself these questions? 

COPD: The Importance of Stratification and Adherence 

Knowledge is power! It gives you control over what may feel like uncontrollable. Your Dr can't change your lifestyle - You have to do that! It's up to you to watch what you eat, maintain environmental hygiene, exercise - even when you're tired - you may always feel tired but you still have to exercise, and most important protect your Quit! The Dr can't do these things for you! But you can!

Knowledge is POWER and Decision is the greatest Power of all!

Take control of your COPD! 

If you need more information it's right here. If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask! The folks sn this group are smart - they can help you!