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God willing the improvements that have been made in me by not using nicotine to mask my feelings anymore has been everyday improvements to live this day only and to be more of a loving person to those newly recovering and those who remain teachable in recovery in remembering but for the grace of God go I... I went from not believing to believing if y'all could stay quit then I could too. If you learn to eat a meal and not use nicotine after I could too. If you could not use nicotine for an hour I could too. If you could teach me to think of others above myself when I am hurting so bad I want to use and I blog first like y'all suggested then I will remain for this day only nicotine free in love for one another by encouraging others understanding others and most of all giving hope away freely like it was given to me. These improvements made in me by my Higher Power who is God and from y'all here is one reason I CHOOSE to keep coming back and helping the newbies to hopes for giving all others love joy peace and  if I can you then I can and WE will stay quit together no mater what life throws our way! That's unity in love for me! Thanks everyone!