Prayers, Well Wishes and Good Vibes Please!

Discussion created by minihorses on Nov 30, 2017
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I just got back from my yearly physical. The doctor and I talked about the fact that I'm still getting shortness of breath even with the antibiotics. He called a cardiologist and they squeezed me in today at 2:30. When you are referred to a specialist that doctor's office usually calls to set up an appointment.  The fact that they squeezed me in today has me concerned. I'm fairly sure that the  pericardial effusion is very slight at this point but because they are doing the tests so quickly is a bit unnerving. When I left my doctor's office I had a brief moment of 'I want a cigarette'. I told myself how dumb that was, going for a heart test and I want to smoke? I quickly got over the thought anyway because I knew I really didn't need or want to smoke, that it was just an automatic reaction of how I used to cope with stress. This time without a second thought towards that old habit, I cranked up the volume of my heavy metal music, chewed a piece of gum and headed home. Only 32 days into my lifelong commitment to give smoking the boot and I made it through a first REAL craving with flying colors! I'm amazed and proud of myself for not giving in. N.O.P.E. is still the best acronym in my growing arsenal to beat this addiction and I owe a lot of it to your support. Thank you for any prayers, well wishes, vibes, and support for this afternoon's appt. 


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