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 I'm NEW to the group, today I am 7 days smoke free using the Nicoderm patch. I have smoked about a pack (Plus) a day for probably 35 years and this is my 1st attempt EVER in quitting. This was not planned at all, I happened to get sick with a bad chest cold that wouldn't go away and something about the cough I got- scared me so bad, that I just went to our local CVS store, bought the patches, and QUIT then and there! I honestly didn't think I would last 2 days, so completing a week is way past my expectations & my 13 year old son is THRILLED. I don't see myself going back - I HATE IT!  Even with the patch, day 2 on are VERY hard. I feel out of sorts, my brain just isn't functioning, there are moments I can't even think... it's so odd. It's not even like I want to go out and smoke, I just don't think my brain knows how to handle the fact that I'm not smoking. The patch definitely works, but in all fairness - it only takes the edge off - you still have to put in the work to not light up again.  I like the fact that I can work on the mental part of the addiction FIRST which for me is more of WHY I was still smoking than anything - it's was my source of EVERYTHING!!! I will focus on the physical part later down the road when I have established a new cigarette free lifestyle - I'm a "one thing- at a time" kind of girl ! 


Anyway, I have been reading through so many great blogs- the support seems amazing and the advice is fantastic and uplifting. It's comforting to see I am not alone in my plight to quit this horrible habit. Day 8 here I come!! :-)